Chairman's Note

Dear friends,

In the past few years, Bihar has emerged as one of the country's fastest-growing states with a high economic growth rate. With City Centre Patna, we do not just intend to create something that feeds on the state's success but to catalyse the city’s economy as well. 

City Centre Patna is poised to become the first lifestyle destination of the city with a combination of retail, commercial, hospitality and residential facilities. The project comprises a state-of-the-art mall, a luxury hotel, world-class office space and a luxury residential tower.

The coming together of diverse assets for the first time in Patna is set to create a uniquely integrated lifestyle destination while opening up several opportunities for its people.

With numerous options such as shopping, dining and entertainment, the mall will be the ‘destination of choice’ where visitors can spend quality time with family and friends. 

In addition, a modern-day work environment, world-class hospitality and premium living spaces will perfectly complement an aspirational lifestyle. The theme on which the architecture is designed allows each individual shop to create variety while keeping a seamlessly interconnected framework in place. With its diverse offerings, I am optimistic that City Centre Patna will live up to the legacy created by its predecessors and emerge as a benchmark of prosperity.


Best wishes for the future,


HarshavardhanNeotiaChairmanAmbuja Neotia



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